The World of Wigcraft

Katie Bair's The World of WigcraftWorld of Wigcraft, 300 Pages, Full Color – $59.99


The world’s first and most comprehensive guide to designing, building, and styling your own fantastic wig creations! Master wig crafter Katie Bair brings her humorous hands-on approach to the lessons, making the learning process fun and engaging.

  • Over 90 step-by-step tutorials ranging from basic techniques to advanced reconstruction.
  • Thousands of full-color photographs and illustrations bring the demonstrations to life.
  • Hidden coil spine allows the guide to lay flat for easy reference while you work.

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Download the Custom Coloring chapter for FREE: World of Wigcraft by Katie Bair – Chapter 8: Custom Coloring

World of Wigcraft Front CoverWorld of Wigcraft Back CoverWorld of Wigcraft Masking and Blending ChapterWorld of Wigcraft, Page 11World of Wigcraft, Page 12World of Wigcraft, Page 13World of Wigcraft, Page 23World of Wigcraft, Page 30World of Wigcraft, Page 38

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