Iron Wig 2017 Round 1 is Over!

I just discovered this morning that my entry was submitted late, which means I will be penalized 25% of my total score. I’m not gonna lie, that’s a huge chunk of points, and I was quite bummed to find that out, especially since I thought I had until noon to send my photos in. (It was noon CENTRAL time, not local time.) But my son made it to school on time with breakfast in his tummy and brushed teeth. So I’ll take that victory.

Here is my entry for Round 1. I will be selling any wigs I make during this contest and donating the money to Valley Children’s Hospital. I will also be giving away any gift certificates I receive, so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for more details later on.

California Dreaming Wig by Katie Bair

ALL of the entries for Round 1 can be seen here: Iron Wig 2017: Round 1

I also took video while I worked so folks could see into the process of building this wig: Making of California Dreaming Wig

Gettin’ Busy!

IMG_4469I just got done with a couple of back-to-back large custom orders, but now I’m popping my head up to say, “yo.”

I have been trying to put up a new type of dread in my Etsy shop every few days, but custom orders take priority. So now that I’ve got that list cleared, I’m looking forward to putting a few new sets up today. I’m excited for spring, so expect some bright and airy colors to come crankin’ out of the dread factory! ^_^

Keeping Busy During the Cold

Flag Dreadlocks on EtsyWe’ve been having an uncommonly chilly and soggy winter here at the Petting Zoo, so I’ve been spending more time inside than I’m used to. To keep myself from getting cabin fever, I’ve been cranking out dreadlocks to offer up on Etsy. Of course, I’m never contented to just make “plain old” anything, so I’ve been testing out some new ideas and processes to come up with dreads nobody has seen before. (Right now I’m working on a PLAID set.)

I’ve also finished testing to see how well Petting Zoo Wig Dye holds up to steam sealing, and I’m very pleased to report it is rocking it. As a result, I’m now able to make true ombré dreadlocks, instead of just transitionals. This is extra exciting for crochet style dreads, where the process is normally too “knotty” to make ombré dreads with gradient fiber.

Folks can also use my dye to change the color of their dreads after they’ve been sealed, by dip-dyeing them, then setting in the color with hot air: the new color stays even through a steam re-sealing.


Etsy Shop and Holiday Goodies!

To commemorate the opening of our new Etsy Shop, we’re doing a little giveaway this month. Just click on the image below to be taken to our Facebook Page, then LIKE and SHARE the page to enter for a chance to win! december_2015_promo

Katie has been busy making dreadlocks for Christmas, and we have listed some of the completed sets. In the next few weeks, we’ll be adding more, including holiday colors, and crochet style sets.

Petting Zoo Wigs on Etsy

The Original is Back – Under New Management!

momma_and_tmanHowdy Y’all!
For those of you who may remember the distant past of 2009, I had a baby, and had to stop taking wig commissions. I attempted to keep my store running, but soon found that being a full-time mom didn’t leave me with the energy or focus to provide the on-time quality service my customers had come to expect, and everything got further and further behind. I made the tough decision to close down my shop, since I didn’t know when I’d ever be able to catch up again.

However, that didn’t stop people from asking for my books or dye. So, after searching for an experienced seller for quite some time, I have found someone to run my store. Although I will no longer be directly involved with orders and shipping, you can be sure that each batch of Petting Zoo products will still have the same great quality that only hand-crafting can ensure.

The shop officially reopens 10/10/2015… just in time for Halloween!Katie Bair

So Petting Zoo Wig Dye is back, the World of Wigcraft is back, and my son still gets to see his mommy. Isn’t it nice when everyone wins? ^_^